Best eCommerce Website Design Tips to enhance Sales and Business Growth

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Most people increasingly rely on eCommerce websites for most of their needs. Whether multipurpose eCommerce websites or those that are tapping a niche market, each brand that runs on eCommerce websites and relies on sales from there will be concerned about its design. So, it is essential for you to know what exactly it takes to create or redesign an eCommerce website that reflects what your platform is selling and increases your conversions.

A good eCommerce website will always
  • Increase your conversion rate.
  • give you newer leads and enhance sales.
  • drive up the overall traffic.
  • have a good visit and return visit ratio .

What are the elements of the best eCommerce Website design for your brand?


Your website should only have what is absolutely essential for it. The focus should be on the products and conveying as much information about why the buyer should buy that product in a few clicks. A less-cluttered website makes sure that you make the most of your visitor’s short attention span as most people do not stop to read all the information on the website.

Mobile-friendly design

Most eCommerce buys now happen over smartphones and hence if your website or application is not mobile friendly it drastically decreases your chances of beating your competitors as most visitors will not go through for payment and order if they find an unpleasant experience with mobile website design.


The identity of your eCommerce website is at the center of it all. Your eCommerce website design should make it stand out from the other websites. Only this will help you get repeat visitors which is known to drive sales and create repeat customers as brand recognition enhances the chance of buying.

Easy navigability

Your potential customer is looking to search through multiple given options for a product and choose the best one for them and often has to go through many categories of items. Hence, a navigable website is an absolute must.

Easy checkout

The checkout and payment process should be smooth and easy and this can be made possible by smart backend support and intelligent UX design targeted to making the purchase as seamless as possible as it makes sure you retain interested customers and garner buyers who buy repeatedly.


Can your average website visitor scroll through your website and get a good idea of all the products and categories you offer? If yes, then your website will retain a lot more visitors and have a better visitor-to-buyer ratio in return too. Your content, be it product descriptions or offer pitches, should all be scannable with headlines and pointers so that they are easy to get on a cursory read.

Use colors and images intelligently

The color scheme of your custom eCommerce website design as well as the quality, relevance and look of the images you use on the website will have a huge impact on sales. The way your product looks in the description image plays an important psychological part in getting the buyer to trust the product as do the color schemes you use to signify different categories and website sections.

Designing and Redesigning a custom eCommerce website for your brand needs

The design and the UI/UX interface that any website has will depend on its function and target audience. This makes it important to have a custom eCommerce website design that reflects your brand and helps convey the type of products your eCommerce website specializes in.

A custom eCommerce website usually
  • Varies in colour, fonts and overall design according to what is being sold.
  • has separate well-defined sections and categories for all offerings.
  • has categories that are easily navigable for even a first-time visitor .
  • is easy to understand for a niche buyer as well as a general one.

Custom eCommerce website design is especially important when you are looking to redesign or update an existing website as you have the opportunity to

  • Rebrand.
  • fix legacy issues.
  • improve UI/UX .

And making it all fit together in a custom design will make sure that you stay ahead of the curve with your website.

Leverage Graphic User Interface for the best results in eCommerce websites

Most eCommerce websites are based on Graphic User Interface designs and not text-based UIs. thus the visual language and the pictorial representations of your designs and products are incredibly important for the success of your website. Your icons, toolbar categories and various other parts of the website will all operate over graphic user interface designs.

A good Graphic User Interface :
  • Uses old icons and innovative visual metaphors to great effect.
  • Is updated fairly regularly on the basis of brand research and trends.
  • Follows the visual language and navigation in vogue.
  • Helps in the navigability of the website
  • Enhances the scannability of the website.

eCommerce Marketplace Management for consistent results for your brand

While you can spend weeks and weeks on getting your custom eCommerce website design just right, it is only the job half done as eCommerce Marketplace Management is what will truly tell you what works and what doesn’t and thus is an important part of the best eCommerce website design feedback loop.

eCommerce Marketplace management helps you understand first and foremost, what kind of website visitors you are getting, what they take from your website and how they interact with it, and ultimately what they want out of it. eCommerce Marketplace management helps you understand first and foremost, what kind of website visitors you are getting, what they take from your website and how they interact with it, and ultimately what they want out of it.

In eCommerce Marketplace Management
  • You can understand user behaviour and how they interact with your website.
  • You can check viewer retention, repeat views and buys.
  • You can understand the issue points of UI/UX and GUI that are causing problems.

All this information will help you solve legacy issues and help you fine-tune your eCommerce website as this space is a constantly changing one and only those who keep up with the latest trends get to be on top.

Follow these recommendations and tips and get the best eCommerce website design that beats your competition in the market as it will be one of the most important parts of your business and branding if you rely on online sales.