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Does your brand need Paid Marketing for growth and increased conversions?

  • Does your brand also need a paid marketing service to expand its base?
  • Do you want to drive traffic and enhance conversions for your product?
  • Does your brand strategy require you to land on search engines by priority?
  • Need your marketing budget to give you a better Return on Investment?
  • Want to target your audience directly and quickly?

If yes, then you should consider using TechPlek’s Paid Marketing services.

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Why TechPlek is the answer to your brand’s Paid Media Marketing needs.

Paid Marketing campaigns and PPC services have become the backbone of any successful brand’s advertising strategy. Paid Media marketing is indispensable for brands that want to drive growth and traffic through the internet and social media. Search engine SEO, Google Ads, Business listings, and social media ad campaigns have become integral to any successful brand’s reach-out plans for their potential customers and clients.

Choosing TechPlek’s paid marketing service is a no-brainer for any growth-oriented brand targeting tangible changes in its marketing outcomes. TechPlek’s team offers customizable brand solutions for paid media marketing and expertise in various verticals of social media ad campaigns, Google Ads and paid marketing. TechPlek is a one-stop solution for your brand if you need to


Get swift results on social media with promoted content


Land your Google Ads on all relevant searches.


Get high ROI with Google Pay Per Click Ads


Target your audience with cutting-edge algorithm-based marketing


Boost brand awareness where it matters the most


Make your targeting more accurate and reliable


Amplify your online reach with less investment


Have a pocket-friendly marketing strategy


Gather data and insights on your market for business strategy

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Google Ads for Pay Per Click advertising solutions

TechPlek’s cutting-edge Google Ads management services make sure that your brand can make optimal use of Google Ads to tap into Pay per Click marketing. Using pay-per-click marketing through Google Ads, you will be vying for spaces to advertise your brand or service to people who are searching for relevant terms.

Using Google Ads Management services from TechPlek has its unique advantages. Landing on a relevant google search as an ad is beneficial as it gives you immediate visibility in paid search engine marketing while you only pay when your potential customer clicks on your links. This ensures immediate results for your paid marketing which you can supplement with your long-term SEO strategies wisely.


You should choose TechPlek’s Google Ads management services if you want to

  • target your ads specifically to a niche audience
  • show ads on relevant websites on the Google Display Network
  • have the control to target your ideal audience as they search for a service like yours
  • achieve short-term growth goals and get immediate clicks
  • have a paid search engine marketing strategy on a tight budget

YouTube Advertisement to increase your market base

YouTube advertisement through crisp, informational and targeted video ads is one of the most powerful tools in the paid media marketing arsenal of any brand. Using Youtube advertising services from TechPlek, you can reach a huge audience through your ad content while simultaneously delivering your message to them in a clean, crisp manner. YouTube Ads are known to drive clicks and searches for your brand and you can target who sees your ad.

With YouTube advertising, the ball is in your court because you control how your audience will see you. You can control which audiences are targeted using data analytics and algorithm-based searches with TechPlek’s paid marketing services and make a conscious choice as to how to present your brand to the audience.


You should use TechPlek’s Youtube Advertisement services because

  • You only pay when your audience shows interest through clicks.
  • You get to tell a targeted audience about your brand creatively
  • You can use your marketing video to its full potential
  • You can market your content along with your services
  • It drives landing page traffic and enhance conversion rates

Social Media Marketing to enhance engagement with your brand

Ads on Social Media platforms are becoming increasingly customer-specific and targeted. Your paid social media marketing strategy could help you reap dividends that are simply not possible with organic engagement. Using sophisticated analytic and algorithmic tools, TechPlek’s paid social media marketing strategy offers you a chance to reach out to your audience through various social media verticals. Make your brand a part of your customer’s life with immersive and intelligent methods of ad placement using ads on social media platforms.


Facebook Facebook Marketing:

Advertising on Facebook is a potent tool to drive traffic from people’s Facebook feeds as well as landing on Facebook Marketplace. Using Facebook’s 3 billion strong user base to target your ads for age group, profession and interests is a great budgetary solution for paid social media marketing. It is known that Facebook’s targeting strategies for ads are very efficient and TechPlek’s paid social media marketing services will help you garner more utility from these ads.

Facebook advertising with TechPlek is great for:

  • Low Friction conversions
  • Long sale cycles and small purchases
  • Signups and building a user base.

Instagram Instagram Marketing:

Tap into the 1 billion strong user base of Instagram to drive engagement and growth through attractive visual marketing techniques streamlined for you by TechPlek. Instagram’s targeted advertising through stories, reels, and posts use various algorithm-based user data sets to drive your content to its ideal audience.

Instagram Advertising with TechPlek ensures you:

  • Optimize your visual marketing for engagement
  • Drive growth and landing page clicks
  • Enhance brand awareness with your audience

LinkedIn LinkedIn Marketing:

LinkedIn is the premier professional social media tool to drive B2B engagements and generate leads for your business. Using the brand awareness campaigns and social media ad campaigns on LinkedIn ensures visibility with high-return clients and leads. LinkedIn marketing solutions are known to create lucrative engagements and connections for your brand in its domain.

Need a one-stop solution for marketing?
Look no further than TechPlek

Using TechPlek’s paid media marketing solutions is a no-brainer for your brand as you will get

  • Brand domain-specific and customizable solutions for paid marketing strategy
  • A driven team of professionals with skills far ahead of the curve
  • Updated and optimized marketing strategies for changing marketing landscapes
  • A trusted and reliable source for your social media ad campaigns
  • A result-driven marketing team for all your search engine advertising needs


Frequently asked questions

  • Organic marketing is labor-intensive and intention-driven. You manually advance innovative content, whether this is copy or visuals. Paid marketing is explicitly to drive specific actions from your audience.
  • While organic marketing is about generating traffic to your site over time, paid marketing utilizes paid techniques to target, reach, engage, and convert audiences rapidly.
  • Organic marketing can be everlasting while paid marketing is transitory.
  • Organic marketing is generally more affordable than paid marketing.
  • Organic marketing takes time while paid marketing provides more prompt outcomes.

There are three essential types of Google Ads:

  • Search Network campaigns - typically in text form, these ads can show on Google Search results pages when somebody looks for a product or service that is identical to yours.
  • Display Network campaigns - typically in image form, these ads show up on sites or applications that your clients visit.
  • Video campaigns - typically 6 or 15-second videos, these ads show just before or during YouTube content

Avail of TechPlek’s Google Ads Management services, the economical and quickest method to boost revenue instantly! Leveraging TechPleks’S Google Ads Management services and google ads support can increase paid search conversions and capitalize on your Google Ad spend seamlessly.

Google Ads starts with an objective and a campaign. There are a few Google Ads campaign options for you to choose from. You'll choose a Google Ads campaign type contingent on your brand strategy, marketing goals, and how much time you can invest.

  • Search campaigns: Text ads on search resultss.
  • Display campaigns: Image ads on websites
  • Video campaigns: Video ads on YouTube
  • Shopping campaigns: Product listings on Google
  • Smart campaigns: Automate your campaigns

Google ads are one of the great options for all kinds of small businesses either physical stores or digital goods. TechPlek helps you select the right Google ads for small businesses’ campaign types for your advertising requirements. Make the most of our services in Google ads for small businesses today!

PPC (pay-per-click) marketing is a type of online advertising in which advertisers accumulate costs when clients click their ads. Advertisers bid on the anticipated worth of a click corresponding to the platforms, keywords, and audience type in which it originates. At the point when done well, PPC can procure quality leads. If you can make a seamless user journey, it could mean a colossal ROI for your PPC endeavors.

Pay-per-click advertising is most accepted in search engine results pages, similar to Google or Bing, but is additionally utilized on social channels (in spite of the fact that CPM is more common).

There are several unique sorts and channels for PPC advertising, like search engine ads, display ads, social media ads, and more.

Each pay-per-click campaign is unique, however, the most successful campaigns all share similar qualities: an organized structure, logical, comprehensive keyword research, and progressing management and maintenance.

Nonetheless, while it is crucial to zero in on and dedicate adequate time to every one of these areas, effectively managing a pay-per-click campaign is tied in with working smarter, not harder. After all, you’ve got a business to run, and PPC management can be full-time work.

PPC is utilized for a wide range of campaign objectives, including:

  • Increasing sales
  • Generating leads
  • Promoting brand awareness

Through both account structure and targeting settings, advertisers can run effective PPC campaigns for however long pertinence is paramount.

Advertising on social media platforms is significant as there is all the more genuine worth beyond what we can get organically nowadays. Five reasons you should be advertising on social media to scale your business include:

    • Reach new clients
    • Gain audience insights
    • Low entry expense
    • Achieve more of your goals
    • Wide range of formats

    These advantages can be utilized to describe various paid social media marketing and advertising techniques. Paid social media marketing is an extraordinary driver of micro-conversions, whether they be for free samples, trials, or simply funneling additional traffic to your site.

For organizations with enthusiastic development plans, google ads management services are the first priority. With google ads management services, you can target clients who are looking for a product that your business brings to the table. This provides you with an edge over other advertising channels and allows you to get more leads.

Below are the steps on how to use google ads to reach your goals

  • Get Your Google Ads Account
  • Define Your Goals
  • Set Your Keywords And Business Name
  • Define Your Target Audience
  • Write And Design Your Ads
  • Set Up Your Billing Method

Social media ads are one of the most effective and quickest ways of associating with your target audience. Ads on social media offer a lot of beneficial opportunities and are an incredible method for boosting your digital marketing campaigns.

Ads on social media can impact advertisements' effectiveness since you can reach a larger audience, target explicit demographics, arrive at your target audience on their favored social media platform, and interact with your customers/prospects.

You can't take advantage of your PPC ads and campaigns without compelling PPC management. PPC management is the process of managing an organization's PPC budget and strategy. With PPC ad management, you manage your campaign in-house or utilize a PPC agency.

Regardless of who works on your campaign, PPC management centers around making and optimizing your PPC campaign.

PPC management/service includes:

  • Keyword analysis
  • Channel Targeting
  • Competitive analysis
  • Landing page creation
  • Campaign monitoring
  • PPC testing

TechPlek assists clients to manage their PPC campaigns toward their objectives. We've constructed our PPC management program contingent on what gets our clients the best outcomes while giving a definitive degree of transparency.

PPC cost relies upon various factors unique to your business, such as your industry, your preferred ad network, and who manages your PPC/ strategy. Ordinarily, organizations will invest $9000 to $10,000 each month into PPC management, which incorporates ad spending, PPC services, and PPC tools.

Aside from PPC management, businesses can anticipate average PPC costs of $2.59 per click and $3.12 per 1000.