How to use Broken Link Building as SEO service for enhancing visibility

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Broken Link Building or Dead Link Building is when you build backlinks to replace links that lead to nothing or show an error with a functional link to a targeted specific website. This practice can be used as a viable SEO strategy for your SEO service by using a well-established principle of reciprocity.

Simply put, you check broken links for a website, which can be leveraged for anything. Anyhow, a broken link is never a good look for any website and can even be a potential SEO concern. By identifying a broken link and intimating a website runner about it you do a favor, and in turn when you get them to use that link for backlinking to your desired website you get a benefit out of it.

Why Broken Link Building is a great strategy and tool for SEO service?

Broken link building is about mutual exchange and not simply beneficial for your own business. For a large website, it is cumbersome and difficult to identify every broken link and even more so to actually go on and fix that link. By identifying the broken link and fixing the issue for someone you can offer a solution that is beneficial to both parties and hence it works.

Other benefits are accrued to the one who is doing the broken link building. This can include
  • You can tap into new audiences which can drive growth and increase views.
  • Your conversion rate can boost by using high-quality broken link building.
  • Your site can now boast of better content provisions and wider reach.
  • You can get many high-quality backlinks for your website, boosting your SEO.
  • Your website’s visibility can be enhanced.

While the prospecting part is something that you are doing for the website on the other side, you should also not simply plug your website for their backlinks, which is not the effective way to work in this scenario. Instead, you should be looking at building strategic links that are relevant to the websites you build the backlinks for. .

How to check broken links and offer the best SEO alternatives for them?

This is called prospecting and tends to be the most cumbersome part of the job but it is well worth the time. You can use tools like the Google Chrome extension Check My Links and others like it. When you visit a website, you will now get a list of the broken links it has and then you can target your prospects accordingly.

There are other ways to do this too.

Use Link Building Outreach

You can simply pore over websites and blogs and find broken links and then reach out to the owner to offer them a link to your curated content page. This process can be cumbersome but rewarding for the SEO service that offers links.

Keyword Based Search

You can look for specific niche websites and blogs and find broken links in them. This way you can target the websites that are already relevant to yours and get them to link to your website. Relevant keywords can also be selected according to your SEO growth prospects, making this an important SEO strategy.

Resource-based prospects

The most efficient way to check broken links is to target the pages that offer resources and links for something as they are the ones most likely to have broken links that build up over time. This content also depends most on linking and website owners would gladly accept your curated content links in place of the broken ones.

If the Resource Search does not give high enough yields for you, you can try a more specialized method of finding others who are linking to the broken link. This can be done for highly linked websites on the references of Wikipedia and many other websites. You can use link analysis tools available on the net. Specific keyword searches are extremely helpful for this.

How to make the most relevant content suited for link-building SEO services

The most important element here is to find the website links that you can prospect and then create matching content for them. The easiest way to do this is to target your niche and then write content accordingly as you will be able to get a response for this relatively easily.

You also have to take care of how to reach out to the website owners you are targeting. You should be clear that you have identified a broken link on their website and are now offering an alternate source. You must also ask them for a strategic link and establish that your website can be a credible option for them.

Leveraging Internal Links SEO for your benefit and making your website grow

We have seen how you can check broken links and create viable SEO methods through link-building SEO services but you can also leverage internal Link SEO for your benefit as much. This is because of how Google and other search engines follow links and establish SEO rankings through its algorithm. These are some things you need to keep in mind to leverage this

Link Value

Be it internal or external linking, one must understand that google values some links better than others. The new ones are ranked better than the old and homepages land higher than subpages. This can be leveraged for your SEO.

Establish a strategy for link hierarchy

Your SEO strategy should be based on creating a link hierarchy that can be picked up by Google which prefers the links that are already linked to other pages as much as possible. Thus, strategic interlinking of high-performing and high-quality pages can help you generate more results from your SEO and help you boost your growth and performance with internal links SEO.

Use the strategies outlined above for broken link building and create a viable strategy for your SEO services that can help you create a more holistic and out-of-the-box option for SEO and growth, as broken link building is a high dividend and low-risk strategy to get dividends from your SEO.